App Store Optimization: Marketing tips from the App Agency

As a mobile app development agency, we are asked again and again how the application can be made known on the market. Under the mass of more than 2 million apps in the stores, this is now a challenge, which must be considered hand in hand with the app development in the strategy.

How can you make your own application unique and ensure that it is noticed by the market?

We have found five simple strategies -:

1)              Updates, updates, and updates
As an app agency, we always recommend our customers: In the development process, not too many functions and components should be taken into the app at once. It is strategically more sensible to gradually offer the user new functions. This keeps the app interesting.

2)              Meet the needs of the target group: Offer a clear offer
The application to be developed should contain functions for the clearly defined target group. Thus, the approach to the target group is easier. In addition, the acceptance of the app based on it will be higher. When this rule is considered, the application becomes an important companion for its users.

3)              App Store Optimization (ASO)
A high ranking in the App Store is extremely important for success. Use the right title, use the right keywords, and get an optimal description. Also, note the best time to launch the app. The application cannot be found without observing App Store Optimization (ASO). It cannot be successful.

4)              Meet the needs of the users exactly
As noted in point 2, the application must be created for the user and not for the company. An application without special functions does not offer any useful added value for the user. Therefore, it is important to avoid making an application with an idea of ​​the company.

5)              Social media - make the app known
Tell the world that there is an app! Use Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to make your app known. Introduce the advantages and functions - with text, image and video! We create a landing page in the app agency for almost every app, so that the search ability is optimal.

Simply following these simple tips will lead you to a higher level of awareness of your application. Finally, the monitoring and the analysis of the user behavior provides an extremely important data basis for correct decisions.


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