Responsive Web Design Vs Mobile Web App

Today, many big brands and businesses have become aware with the power of Mobile Web App and start adapting it. Consumption of users have changed from the past several years so the information and sales service also changed.
Startup companies founders and product managers, now are focusing more on mobile web apps, in staring they focus just to make their web-product friendly for mobile screens, and investing less in developing a mobile application.
In this article, we are going to discuss on Responsive web design and Mobile 

Before describing them in detail, firstly understand what is Responsive web design and Mobile Web App?

Responsive Web Design (RWD): RWD is an approach to web-design aimed at crafting the sites which provides optimal viewing and great interaction experience. It provides easy reading and navigation with minimum panning, resizing and scrolling, across the wide range of devices (from desktops, to mobile phones)

Mobile Web App: Mobile Web App are mobile optimized which looks like an App, but different from native and hybrid apps. Both hybrid and web-apps use render HTML web pages, but hybrid apps use app-embedded browsers.
In order to simplify things more, here we will focus more on Responsive Web and Native Mobile Apps.

Both responsive web and native app have pros and cons:
Adapting responsive web design to mobile devices has two advantages: time and money.

Let`s discuss it in more detail:

Responsive Web:  Responsive web is becoming more popular when many businesses realized that working poorly on mobile devices could mean the difference between a potential user/customer them or the competition
It`s obvious that when we are searching for a product/service and the website is not working properly or smoothly, we will probably choose different site rather than waiting for the results.

Pros and Cons of Responsive Web Design-

As I declared above that the two main advantages of responsive web site over native app is time and money.

The reason is responsive web design take less time and money because only one development process allows the website to be viewed on most modern mobile browsers. And your development team don’t have to follow guidelines or parameter while posting an app on iOS, as they are developing a website which is not going to share on any app stores.

If responsive web design has some advantages, then there are many drawbacks too.

Requires an Internet Connection

Responsive websites need an Internet connection to work, as it pulls data directly from browser, which means your products won’t be available anytime, & anywhere.

That is somewhat disappoint for your users and not going to help your business if your goal is to found and be available in any context.

Poor Performance

Responsive website users suffer from the poor performance on mobile devices because it takes several time in loading of images and animation- that are too slow and heavy.

Sometimes, users have to wait for the browsers to download the full page and its elements, which leads to huge consumption of battery, date and time.

Lack of Push Notifications & Other Functionality

Another aspect which is not available in responsive websites is push-notification. It is an effective and visible way to attract the user`s attention. Which is available in Mobile Apps.

Responsive web can`t access the phone functions outside like camera or calendar. These technical limitations will not affect the performance but limit the creativity of designs in its functions.

Other technologies like QR codes, voice recognition and augmented reality can`t be accessed in responsive web on mobile devices. These tools work well with native mobile app.

Native Apps

According to Bertellotti – Native Apps development is the solution of a business mobile problem.

In Native all the guidelines and parameters of iOS will follow. The designs, codes and themes suits and look the best.

 Pros and Cons of Native Apps

Native apps are better but it is expensive than responsive web, because the developers have to made different and unique code for each operating system. They also have to deal with the approval processors like OS require, it could be a week or two days.

Other terms like quality, speed and opportunities of the smartphone and other systems are often good.

Internet Connection Not Always Necessary

Internet connection is not always necessary in Native Apps, to use the product. Once the app gets downloaded, you can use it anytime and anywhere.
As the Native Apps works well with both the online and offline world. Native apps are able to work on both and complement each other.

Better Performance

Native Apps also solve the performance of loading, as the elements are specifically designed for the apps and keeping mobile performance in mind. They are lighter, faster and provide better user experience.

Increased Functionality

In native apps you can also access the functions of mobile devices and works in conjunction with its various tools.
Using Native app, can also increase the services of your business.

Brand Awareness and Accessibility

As Native Apps, also help in generating Brand awareness.
When founders and product managers decided to put money in Native Apps, which is more expensive than a responsive website. They should remember that this tool gives them a chance to be on users’ mobile desktop.
While responsive web users also have to go a long way. They have to think about brand, mobile navigator and website`s domain or even worse. Sometimes users have to repeat the entire process every time when they want to connect with you.

In case of Native App, they have to think only once. Once the app got downloaded, you can access their screens anytime on your smartphone.

The difference between responsive web design and mobile web apps is like the difference between a car and motorcycle. It is just a matter of taste and needs.

So there are some differences which we have learnt about the Responsive Web Design and Mobile Web Apps:


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