5 Reasons Why You Should Now Register a .blog Domain Name

5 Reasons Why You Should Now Register a  .blog Domain Name by Mobile App Developer LA

From 21.11.2016 you can register a new interesting domain translation: the .blog domain. In this article I would like to give you 6 reasons to make this domain translation so valuable and why you should now be one of the first to run a .blog internet presence.

.blog is a self-explanatory domain translation and universally comprehensible

The .blog domain is thus THE new domain extension for blogs worldwide. No matter if you want to run a private or commercial blog. With an estimated over 200 million blogs on the World Wide Web, the potential target group is huge. This will make the .blog domain very soon become a worldwide coveted domain translation.

The independent .Blog presence as an ideal addition to your company page

Currently, corporate blogs or blogs for commercial websites are usually created as the subdomain of the corresponding website. Because you usually use a content management system for your blog, such as WordPress, while your Internet presence with another system, such as TYPO3 has been created. In this case, the WordPress installation requires a separate directory. The desired address for your blog, which should ideally contain the term blog, would thus only be possible in combination with a second-level domain. For example, if you use the following Internet address for your company: 
www.wedigtech.com, you can set up your blog at www.blog.wedigtech.com. With the .blog domain, you can now address your blog with an own TLD, for example, according to the scheme: www.wedigtech.blog The same applies if you want to add a blog to your online shop.

The .blog domain - the best prerequisites for a target group

Blogs are an integral part of the information offered by the Internet, as they enable an exchange via the web community on practical issues and working environments. You'll find tech blogs, blogs on lifestyle, fashion, health, politics, business, career, culture, and, and, and. Many Internet users are looking for blogs when they want to find out about a certain topic. With a blog domain, you will not only increase your chances of being found quickly, but also show through the URL that your internet presence is a blog.

Protect yourself by reserving a .blog domain before free riders

If you already have a successful website, you should now consider reserving your domain name with the extension .blog. Even if you do not (currently) plan your own blog. By reserving your domain name as .blog domain, you can protect yourself against imitators and free-riders on the net who want to profit from your good name.

Many interesting domain names are possible with the .blog

Last but not least, the brand new .blog domain makes it possible to reuse many domain names that are compatible with classic domain transmissions, such as, for example, .in, .com, .org etc. have long been given. Take advantage of the opportunity and secure your desired domain name with the ending .blog the best today.

You have suggestions or questions about the .blog domain? Send us a comment. We are looking forward to your feedback.


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