Best Web Design Tools for Android and iOS Developers

Over the last few year enterprise-ready mobile cross-platform development has started to take-off. Large, medium size organizations and small startups are progressively conforming to the mobile world and realizing the need of a mobile device to their business apps, furthermore the advantage of rolling out their own enterprise-to-customer apps. Cross platform mobile development refers to an approach of writing a single codebase for apps that will eventually be used on different operating systems. 

The Leading App stores such as Android and iOS are different in their structural design and behavior. It is quite clear that both of the App stores cause huge difficulties for app developers to make apps that incise across their products. Android and iOS encourage code to be written in countering ways, making it very complicated for app developers to write a single codebase that is proficient on both platforms. So let’s have a look on best tools or best key players in the mobile enterprise cross platform development market.

1.            MoSync is a highly developed tool for developing cross-platform mobile apps. The typical development kit includes libraries for frequent technologies used to form the upcoming prospect of the web. MoSync is mainly eclipse-like and supports most of the programming languages such as Java, C, C++, PHP, Python, Ruby and JavaScript. The MoSync allows native apps to be shipped to Symbian, Windows Mobile, Linux, Android, iOS and iPad platforms comfortably.

2.            Whoop is a controversial mobile cross platform that frolics of being appropriate even for non-developers. Whoop remains one of the finest ways to go for beginners in mobile app development and those looking for beta version their projects. However, whoop is necessary, and misses out on essential needs for the most recent features on the hardware, even though it is very simple to use. Whoop works well with Windows Mobile, Symbian Blackberry, Android, iOS and other mobile operating systems. It's free as well as paid with gateway packages available.

3.            Appcelerator uses web technologies to permit cross-platform compatibility between cross mobile platforms. The native apps are derived from web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby on the mobile via browsers. This cross platform is really proficient and gives users to access over 300 API’s. It is also very simple to learn when users get their hands on the right material.

4.            Widgetpad is also a good web-based platform that can be used for developing cross-platform mobile apps. It is presently being developed in its beta version phase but on release, it commits a fine packaging of key attributes needed for the essential elements for the mobile app.


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