Keyword Research for successful app Marketing

“Research is about engaging in a conversation with a brand.” -Matthew Rhodes

More than 1.4 million iOS and about 1.5 million Android apps on the market.

 As per a report, in January 2016, there are over 1.4 million iOS apps alone in Apple App Store and Google Play Store is on an even higher number of apps, and currently stands at about 1.5 million apps. Accordingly, a critical success factor is ASO, when it comes to bring your app profitable and successful at the App Store Search. This blog post will therefore identify and explain the most important steps in the Keyword Search (Keyword Research).

keyword Search:

The correct use of appropriate keywords is an important factor in App Store Optimization. Keyword research cannot be missing in this process therefore. The aim is to find the (right) key words for the app and achieve subsequently a better ranking in relevant searches through clever insertion of keywords.

If you are an App Store Optimization newbie, you could be interested in which ASO steps concerning your keywords. So, we have summarized the key points you here shortly.

5 steps for best practice keyword optimization considering your new app in app stores

Step 1: Find possible Keywords

As the name keyword research suggests, is primarily concerned with research and background information of possible keywords.
Do some brainstorming and find possible keywords matching your app; also, do some research about your customers and competitors.

Step 2: Select the right keywords

Now that you have developed a list of possible keywords, comes step two: filter out the sorting and prioritizing relevant keywords to the right. Sort and rate your ideas of step; try to extend some important keywords to ensure better consistency with your app.

Step 3: Track your Keywords

It’s not done with step one and two don’t forget to constantly track your keywords for ranking performance:

Step 4: Track your competitors

Don’t forget to keep eye on your competitors; know what they improved and what users think about their app.

Step 5: Optimize your keywords

As you now know your market, customers and competitors, constantly improve your keywords to keep your leading position.
Note this, however, that your keywords rewrite the app. It shall not serve to simply lure only large amounts of traffic to your App Page, but the right visitors, so potential users who are intended to download your app to achieve.


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