10 Best Practices for Mobile Websites

Just because your desktop website can be displayed on a mobile phone that does not mean that it is also ideally suited for mobile phones. Mobile websites, however, are designed for smartphone displays and tailored to the needs of mobile users. With a mobile website, your business can reach more customers and more conversions. To help your business enter more mobile sales, you should your mobile customers a mobile optimized website available

10 Best Practices for Mobile Websites

"Start Mobile", the initiative of Google, the company makes you fit for the mobile age has put together 10 important points that should be strictly observed in the design of mobile websites:

1)   Fast access
Mobile users want to quickly and easily retrieve mobile websites, so Mobile websites should be designed so that the load quickly and clearly.
·       content and features
·       Use short passages of text and bullet points
·       compress images to make the site load faster

2)  Simple Conversion

Mobile users should be able to use the mobile website requires only a virtual keyboard and no mouse.

·       provide information to facilitate the conversion, z. B. product details.
·       reduce number of ordering steps
·       use forms with as few fields
·       use click-to-call feature, so users can call directly with just one click.

3)  Easy navigation

provide structured navigation and search.

·       minimize scrolling and preferably use vertical
·       Avoid clear menu structure and rollover
·       Use Visible Buttons such as "Back" and "Home"
·       use search box prominently

4)  Local availability

Function in the mobile website integration, so that users can find the store easily and reach.

·       integrate address or store locator
·       integrated map and driving directions and possibly use GPS to guide users directly to business can
·       use goods availability at nearby stores

5)  Easy to use

Mobile websites should be designed so that even users with large hands can easily operate the mobile site.

·       Use large and clearly visible buttons that are far enough apart to avoid accidental clicks.
·       Use check boxes

6)  Familiar Usability

The mobile website should include possible all the major features of the desktop website.

·       allow storing popular searches and storage of products in shopping cart
·       Keep all core features of the desktop version
·       provide information on products and services

7)  Good readability

Mobile users easier to read.

·       Sufficient contrast between text and background
·       Content included so that no zooming is necessary
·       Sufficient clearances
·       use different sizes for links and buttons
·       recourse with buttons on 3-D effects and shades

8)  Forwarding

Forwarding Mobile Site consists of a code that automatically determines if a website visitor using a mobile phone. Then, the visitor will be redirected to the mobile version.

·       Give users the opportunity to return to the desktop website to the mobile site if necessary
·       Make sure that on the redirect page all important information is listed

9)  Easy access

A mobile site should ideally work fine with any type of smartphone and operating system. Therefore, Flash should be avoided, as this format is not supported by all devices.

·       use HTML5 for interactivity and animations
·       design site for use in portrait and landscape modes

10)                      Continuous Optimization

Good mobile sites are user-oriented and based ideally on the feedback of the target group and on evaluations of regular analyzes.

·       provide the basis of analyzes an overview of how people use the site

·       refer to the analysis results regularly improvements and optimize mobile site continuously


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