Content Management System (CMS), what's this?

Guest post by: Clifford a mobile app developer in India.

A content management system - in short: CMS - is a computer program to create, edit and modifying contents, which are summarized in the form of a website.

There are two parts of a CMS - the frontend and backend. The front end is the visual appearance of the site with prepared contents that arise in the backend. Primarily a CMS is used to provide a single access to a system for a larger group of people. Like social network, profiles can create, be granted where certain roles in the creation of the website. CMSs are since the late 1990s on the market. The primary objective of CMS is to provide a professional web design and high quality content the Internet community with minimum coding.

Applications of a Content Management System (CMS)

CMS are often used to create web pages with blogs, news and shopping systems or social networks. Many corporate and marketing providers on the Internet using a content management system. This is also because that the web design is created very quickly, resulting in many cost and cash savings. Many of the systems under which WordPress is the most popular and widely used, come along with a large community that is very active. This means that many pre-programmed plugins and extensions and themes that represent the central part of the web design with a content management system, are provided by third parties. This use WordPress and other CMS like Joomla, Drupal or Typo3 itself, resulting in a high compatibility rate.

The most famous content management system WordPress. This is primarily a classical blog system, but which can be modified thanks to a particularly active community with numerous extensions. There are thousands of themes and plugins that are provided for WordPress. WordPress came in 2003 at the Mark when blogging came slowly in trend. At that time, however, there were no large community and as few extensions as it is now the case.

Special features of WordPress

Many people still think today that the creation of web design and website are associated with high costs. WordPress offers an Open Source license - the GPLv2 - which provides free access to the system without compensation. Thus, the CMS can be customized according to their needs and, as GPLv2 release the source code. However, some extensions have a Pro license, so that they are provided only to a user fee.


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