App Downloads vs. Actually Active Users

App Downloads are the part of the daily routine in our lives. The average smartphone user has 42 apps on their device. However, the majority (87%) uses only 10 apps per day, according to a recent Nielsen study. The users can see the app download sporty and quickly access when an app sounds interesting. But if the app is then actually used actively, is in the stars.

For Mobile app developer and app owner downloads are only half the battle. Of course, the likelihood that the app will be a success, with the number of downloads.
How dramatic is the difference between the number of app downloads and the actual active users, Flurry (Flurry is a mobile analytics, monetization, and advertising company founded in 2005.) has demonstrated. Accordingly, even three months only 25 percent of all applications come to app download for use. Seen over the period of one year, this figure falls further to 11 percent. Say: If an app downloaded hundred times, one can assume that after three months does not have 25 votes. And after twelve months even only 11 votes.

In order to promote the active use of the app, there are several measures.
Maintains the user an update to its app and had forgotten this perhaps earlier, he now returns if possible. Further recommended are push messages that provide information on current events within the app. Updates and push messages but should be with caution and care, without annoying the user. One of the future issues in the App marketing is also re-targeting. This means a technology based on external platforms encouraged by advertising users to use a longer unused app again. Ultimately, however, applies here: As long as an app is not good, they will not use it. therefore, self-app marketing specialist Ashish of WeDigTech mobile app development company in India advises that "bad Reviewed Apps prefer once waive Marketing, working on their app" should.

Gladly we plan and discuss with you your next App project. We evacuate in time the typical stumbling blocks out of the way so that we may make countless users happy with an always neat app together. Just contact us.


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