Whats new in Android in 2016

Google is expected to shortly launch their latest version of its Android operating system, Android Marshmallow (version 6.0). Now with the final developers preview update, the android introducing its official Android 6.0 SDK and opening google play for publishing mobile apps that target the new API level 23 in Android Marshmallow. Marshmallow added some new platform features like finger-print scanner and Doze power saving mode, along with that also offers new permissions model. Let's have a look at some of its cool new features announced this year.

1.            Marshmallow has a new Doz power saving functionality that has an activity detection which optimises battery issues. When this characteristic is authorized, the device still continues to send notifications about priority based behaviour. The Marshmallow will be friendly with fingerprint scanners to users can verify their existence by pressing a button instead of entering a passcode.

2.            The fingerprint feature in Google’s approaching version of Android can be used as a standalone attribute to unchain android devices as well as enable Android pay transactions.

3.            With the Marshmallow version, users will be able to connect Google, to scan whatever data may be on a mobile device’s screen page. So it can show the relevant information about the topic of the text, song, video or an article. The innovative android feature called “Now in Tap” will be started by holding down the device’s home button. Google is hopeful to provide android users with what they required at the exact moment they need it without forcing them indirectly from one app to another.

4.            The Marshmallow will include a different alternative to mobile payment system. Google’s Android pay, an answer to Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, will be replaced by Google Wallet for making mobile purchases in stores. Android Pay will also work on devices running on KitKat version.

5.            Android 6.0 also integrates the permissions model for users to download and upgrade apps. Marshmallow will make it easier for users to prevent mobile apps from taking their personal information. Permission will only need to be fixed to each app if the access is required for a particular reason. It means the android users would not be asked to share data of their contact lists, media or locations until an app would not work without it.

6.            The Direct share functionality will allow users to share information with targets within other mobile apps. For instance, the direct share target might introduce an activity in another mobile app, which lets user shares information directly a particular friend or a group of people in that app.

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