Upcoming mobile apps development trends in 2016

mobile apps development trends in 2016

No doubt mobile has become completely essential need for this time. The mobile apps now became the lifeline for most of us. Today we depend on smart devices for the various tasks, and the mobile apps make them easy and effective.  Whether it’s about booking a cab, online shopping, online payments, or any task, there are various mobile apps for everything. There is no any contradiction that 2015 has been a great year for the mobile world. Now the companies are introducing several faster mobile applications. The recent couple of years have been very significant in terms of modernization across all over the mobile world. The mobile app development in this market is leading towards a strong renovation due to different highly developed direction. So let’s have a look on upcoming mobile apps development trends in 2016.

1.      Making the mobile phones to transform into a personalized network that comprise a diversity of wearable appliances like smart watches, smart display, Google glass and health care sensors that can be well worn on the human body observe any kind of sense.
2.      Growing cloud technology is going to play an important role in mobile app development due to endless uses of mobile devices. The cloud computing helps mobile app developers to work on their capabilities that could be used on mobile devices.
3.       The recent business studies states that more than 20% of financial trades are operating through a mobile device, even it’s about online shopping and money transfer, the uses of mobile phones has turn into a smart card while shopping. Therefore mobile app developers need to target on developing mobile applications that can do dealings easily using smart cards.
4.      At this time the Internet of things is gaining a great attention, the perception of IOT is to achieve more success and great belief with the new innovations and applications. In this IOT globalised world, the mobile app developers need to develop more flexible apps to adopt new experiences and opportunities.

5.      2016 will definitely see growth when it comes to push notifications approaches. This functionality is becoming more significant when it is coming to hold the consumers as well as engaging them. Now, the developers should target on developing smart push notifications functionalities that are better visualized and propose a better appropriate significance.

6.      The user engagement has become the main concern and it will surely lead this world in coming future. As per the expectations and the uses of electronic appliances, mobile phones and some of wearable devices like smart watch is growing with time.


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