10 Tips for The Perfect First Impression in App Store

10 Tips for The Perfect First Impression in App Store

First impression is the last impression and is the most important for Apps!

The market is full of good ideas, so it is important to stand out from the crowd. The visual presentation is definitely in the foreground. Does, the more convincing your screenshots, the more likely is also a download.

Here are 10 tips for the perfect app impression on App users:

1.               The most obvious first screenshot:

The first screenshot is the most important entity of any App. you have only a few seconds to capture the attention of users. Therefore, the most convincing screenshot should come first.

2.              Experiment with screenshot Frame:

The curiosity gives you a few seconds for advocacy. If App Store visitors will see only a piece of the " puzzle “, they tend to continue to scroll down to see what is missing. Therefore, various frame uses on a larger photo - canvas, to explain the main features of your app.

3.              Quick Screenshot subtitles:

Selects expressive verbs and nouns crisp for subtitles. 3 words should be enough to convince.

4.              Contrasting color scheme:

Missing contrasts are not only hard on the eyes, but also harm the user experience. The worst that can happen is a frustration experience. Therefore, The ultimate readability before any design aspect.

5.              Large Title:

Many users do not open the frame, while browsing the App Store, so your text on all devices should also be readable without zooming. Prepare yourself visible.

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6.              Custom colors:

Works with a color scheme that suits the design of your app. Custom colors lead to improved visitor engagement on the App Store page and thus higher App Conversion.

7.              Screenshot with focus:

A direct link to the app should be seen in the screenshot. Sets an element in the center of the image. Thereby you can create a recognizable at the first contact with your app. In games that is usually the main character.

8.              Stand out from the crowd:

About 2 million apps on the App Store. Makes it clear why your app is differed from other. What is your USP (unique selling point)?

9.              Even Chosen attention:

Enlarges key elements and special features to a self-determined to draw the attention of the user.

10.        Experiment with emblems and meaningful interjections:

with a few short, lurid words (for example, " Aha “, " lol “, " WOW “, etc.) increases the commitment and conversion of your App Store page. If you think you follow these guidelines and still brings a little experimentation, you are to stand out well on the way out of the abundance of apps. Try out different ways and keep doing your download speeds in mind.

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