5 biggest Myths about Android

Android the most popular mobile operating system in world. Apps developer loves it. 

It is famous, but still it comes with lot of myths and misconceptions which includes its performance, security, complexity and the app or services which are available on the operating system.

If you are thinking to start using Android then ready completely about its common claims which are true or which are false.

The basic marketing ideas used by one company to down other company reputation in negative way by generating fear, doubts or inconstancy in its existing customers.

Here we are going to reveal some of the biggest myths about Android. The top five are:

1. Android is complicated:

The common misconception about Android, that it is too complex for the new customers in terms of using. 

This is the myth which is coming from far way, and carried by anonymous people to the big tech executives. A long ago in 2011, the Former chief executive Steve Ballmer said in interview that “One would not be a computer scientist to use a Windows Phone, So it`s better to go with the Android.”
The idea of saying that android is too hard to use is like insulting the one who is actually using android platform. 

There is no need to do the comparison between the significance of two different mobile platforms.

But the discussion fails when you get to know that half of the majority is Android users. Is Android seriously the most famous mobile platform?

While there should be a learning curve to understand, how one should take the advantage of Android more prominent app and features which are not present in iOS.  Still, you are saying that android is tough then you are insulting your own intelligence. 

2. Android malware is infecting your phone:

In Android, getting reports regarding the malware is very common. These reports should not be taken in slightly way, especially by smartphone manufactures and by wireless carriers. 

There’s is no doubt that malware exist in phone and lot of people trying to infect to infect it, but for average user who don’t make so much customization and download those third-party apps it is very secure.

It’s not complicated or difficult to protect your phone from these malware, every time when you download an app it will ask for your permissions and you can review then before downloading.

Still you are in anxious mode, then download antivirus for security, by which you can scan your phone, and delete all those harmful viruses.
Always download app from Google Play, because most of the malware comes from the third party source.

It will take time in detecting the malware, so you can reduce the chance of being affected and stick to things which have plenty of reviews and download numbers. Use some common sense while downloading the web on computer- try not to click on ads and never enter email id on suspicious places.

The American business Eric Schmidt man got laughed when he said that “Android is more secure then iPhone, but the real thing is user is the weak link.”

3. Android looks same on every smart phone:

There are tons of Android Phones in market, technically all run on same Operating System. Because Android is open –source and customizable, it completely looks different from older version to the newer versions. It’s all because of, different mobile phones have different versions of Android operating system, which depends on which year they had made and whether you had updated them or not.

The smartphone users can customize the versions of Android which is running on their smartphone. Changing the theme, adding some more functionality one can change the appearance of its old android version.

Usually, when people switch form one phone to another, their first complain is always about the Android appearance. Since Google has been working daily to enhance more functionality and features in Android. But changing phones to get that optimization and experience is not a solution. One should cut down the limits.

4. Android has more performances issues than iOS.

The most persistent myth about Android is that the most operating system and app built in it will suffer more performance issues other than rival platforms. This lag and down is common in every operation system, but the problem become worse when the updates will done in major platforms and the app developers will took time to catch-up everything and optimize it.

The issue regarding the performance of Android is not only because of internal factors but sometime the users also responsible for this.

Doing excessive customizations to software, underpowered hardware, and using third party app which are not even well-optimized can also make Android lag and crash. But if you are using regular up-to-date device and reputable apps then you will not face these types of issues in Android than one would face in iOS.

5. No good apps go to Android first:

If there are more users of Android then why most good apps go to iOS first? Many developers prefer to make Android App first and focus on creating the awesome apps for Google`s platform.

Some companies launch their apps together for Android and iOS, and update them time to time. But sometimes the apps launch for iOS will never come in Android, since some apps of Android will not work on iOS platform, because both have different capabilities.

Some developers develop app only for Android. More else, some mobile app developers prefer iOS than Android, while others prefer Android than iOS.

The nature of both the operating system and the programming languages to develop app on both platform are very different. And it is a myth which people think that all the best developers give more priority to iOS then Android.

More Android myths

Still, there are several myths left to be spoken about Android. Here only the general idea is given which people are facing. So android myth is annoying you? 
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